Simply Tidy with Michaels

I am so excited to show you a little sneak peek into my new at-home office! I have always wanted an office at home because all of my teacher related items are usually just all over my kitchen, bed, floor, etc. (you know the drill). I wanted a space that was dedicated to all of my classroom supplies I needed at home, while still being organized. I also didn’t want to break the bank while designing a space at home. With all of the unknowns with the upcoming school year, this organized space will also be perfect for teaching at home if necessary!


Michaels has a new organizational line called Simply Tidy. You can browse some of their options here! I am a lover of colored cardstock and paper. I use this for everything from posters in my classroom, to task cards, to stations, etc. For years I have always had a few packs of Michaels colored cardstock on hand, but no way of organizing them! I knew this piece from Michaels would be PERFECT to help me organize all of my peper! It is also a stunning piece and brightens up the space as well!


This is the Modular Mobile Panel Tower To make the tower complete, I added additional panels so that all of my paper could fit! What I love about their new Simply TIdy line is that there are options for everyone! Whatever you need for your classroom or home office, they’ve got it! You can design your own beautifully organized space to exactly what you need!


Go check out all of their new products from the Simply Tidy line here ( #sponsored


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