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Hey, teacher-friends!

My name is Josie Bensko! I am a 6th grade science teacher in central Illinois. Science is my passion and I cannot imagine teaching anything else. Hands-on, minds-on learning is what drives my curriculum and teaching philosophy. My classroom runs on engagement, positivity, and a little bit of chaos. I’m a lover of middle schoolers *insert crazy look here.* I believe in the power of music and it is constantly being played in my classroom. I am known as, “that crazy science teacher,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am the STEM Club sponsor at my school and I also coach softball! I have a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning at my alma-mater, Illinois State University and  an Association of Illinois Middle Schools (AIMS) Board Member.

I hope to share my crazy classroom with you and spread some passion for this wonderful career we have chosen! Welcome to my blog!

Email: maniacsinthemiddle@gmail.com