DIY Ms. Frizzle Costume


It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking of our Halloween costumes! 

To be honest, I used to hate Halloween as a kid. I dressed up for a few years, but then I preferred to stay at home and pass out the candy myself. As a teacher, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! Who doesn’t love becoming a character for the day! My second year of teaching was my favorite costume ever and I have yet to top it! 

Ms. Frizzle!!! How perfect of a costume for a science teacher? I used to do a Magic School Bus project with my sixth graders when I taught the states of matter. The students had to write a Magic School Bus story where Ms. Frizzle and the class traveled through the states of matter. I introduced this by showing clips of Magic School Bus so the kids were already familiar. When I showed up as Ms. Frizzle, the kids went crazy!!

I post this picture every year and every year I have so many questions about where I purchased the dress from. Here’s the secret: I MADE THE DRESS! 

How I Made the Costume:

I have to give a huge shoutout to my awesome mom! She helped me with this costume one weekend, and honestly it was so easy!

First I ordered this dress from Amazon. It just needs to be a blue dress. This was cheap and perfect! I did order a medium, where I am usually a small to have some extra length for school. 

Next, we had to figure out how to get objects on the dress. My mom went to JoAnn Fabrics and purchased this. It is “Iron On Art Wear Transfer Sheets for Inkjet Printers.”  It is the EASIEST thing in the world. I also found it here on Amazon as well! It comes in sheets like paper. You just choose the images you want, put them on a Word or Google Doc, and print them on these sheets of paper! Once they are printed, you cut them out and iron them on! It was so simple!

I decided to go with the “outer space” version of the Ms. Frizzle dress. I just searched for stars, planets, and spaceship clip art on Google to find the clipart that I wanted. Before we ironed the images on the dress, we put the dress on the floor and put the images on the dress with tape as seen below. I put the dress on when the images were taped on to make sure the pictures didn’t look funky, and wouldn’t be covered up with the red belt. Once we arranged them how we wanted, we started to iron them on!

I added a thick belt made out of red ribbon to the dress. 

The shoes were my mom’s Tom’s! They are not necessary but I printed off stars to put on them. Sneakers would work just fine! I also printed off stars and put them on some dangly earrings.

The final step is Liz the Lizard! I used to collect Beanie Babies as a kid! (WHO DIDN’T?!) I found a lizard in my childhood stash and through her on my shoulder the whole day! You could also just print a picture of Liz out as well. 

I did not do anything different with my hair! I have seen people spray their hair orange for the day and wear it up, but that was too much for me!!

I hope this helps you become the Ms. Frizzle you were destined to be!!! Tag me in all of your costumes!! Happy Halloween!


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  1. Lauryn
    October 20, 2019 / 4:18 am

    Hi this is Lauryn! Your favorite student!!1 Jk I’m the most annoying in class! LOL!

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