My Teacher & Tech Must-Haves!

My Teacher & Tech Must-Haves!

Welcome back to Josie’s Favorite Things of 2020! Tonight I am focusing on my teacher and tech favorites. Remember, these are all items I have personally and LOVE. I chose items that I ACTUALLY use as a teacher. These items are for the teachers in your lives or yourself if you are a teacher! This is not a post for parents on what to give their child’s teacher for Christmas!!  (But if you really want to know what your child’s teacher wants this year: it’s a hand written note, or gift cards & wine.) 🙂 These are items that I use daily as a teacher and can’t live without! Again, to be transparent I do make a small commission on some of these links! The links to direct websites or Instagram pages are not commissionable.

I couldn’t have a post about my favorite teacher items without highlighting teacher tees!! These are perfect with jeans on a Friday, or every day of virtual teaching! All three of these shops will be open for Black Friday so make sure you grab them while you can!

  • Get Your Teach On: GYTO is launching their holiday items on Black Friday! This Be Kind sweatshirt I am wearing (size small) is my personal favorite along with the Thank You, Next shirt because #goodbye2020!!  I also grabbed some super cute beaded bracelets & mask chains. Their accessories are perfect for stocking stuffers!
  • Lipstick and Littles: Ashley has the cutest teacher tees that are a mix of education & the trendy graphic tees that I am LOVING right now. Her shop will be open on Black Friday so stay tuned! She will have this ABCD shirt in a sweatshirt that is perfect for winter! I also have a few of her stickers on my laptop that are great for coworkers!
  • Teach Create Motivate: I’m sure you have seen this TEACH shirt all over Instagram and that’s because it is THAT CUTE! Ashley creates the cutest teacher designs. Her shop will open on Black Friday as well so stay tuned 🙂



  1. Lunchbox: I typically pack more than just lunch for school. I also throw in a couple of snacks so I need my lunch box to be huge!! Not only does this fit everything and more, but it is the cutest lunchbox I have ever had
  2. Chalk Markers: Before COVID, I used these at least once a week on our tables. Whenever I am back in the classroom with my students, I am breaking these out! My students are obsessed with these chalk markers, and so am I. I have them wipe the table with Clorox wipes after class and at the end of the day I wipe down the tables with water.
  3. Beaker Coffee Mug: Kelli got me this coffee mug for my birthday & it is perfect for any science teacher!
  4. Backpack: Herschel is my favorite backpack company! I got a super cute leather backpack for my birthday but I had to stop using it because it didn’t fit my new 16 in laptop. I got this one & love it so much that I put it on my Christmas list in another color!
  5. Iced Coffee Koozie: This is something I didn’t know I needed until I actually got it!! This is perfect for the iced coffee addict in your life. If you are a Dunkin’ lover then the large size is for you, if you are a Starbucks lover like me, I use the medium size!
  6. Teacher Print: This is a print that is on the shelves in my office! It is $5 from Etsy that is an instant download. I just put it in a cheap frame from HomeGoods. This is a perfect gift for any teacher!
  7. Microphone: My mom got this for me 2 years ago for Christmas and it is the greatest thing in the world!!! Perfect for the classroom or for personal use haha! This connects to your phone so it can be used for karaoke too.
  8. Lanyard: The lanyard I wear all the time is from Alesia Troian on Instagram. I will link her page here. She opens her shop about once a month. This lanyard is in stock and is almost identical!! Such a great teacher gift.
  9. Mug: This is my go to coffee mug to take to school. I get asked about it all the time when I post boomerangs with it:)
  10. Laminator: I thought this was so silly to have. This is a popular item on Instagram and I hate to say that I just got one last year. I don’t know what took me so long because it is life changing. It is different than normal, school lamination. It is a lot thicker which makes everything last longer!
  11. Blue-light Glasses: Blue-light glasses are a must for me right now! These ones from Quay are BOGO right now so stock up!
  12. Masks: I can’t believe that these are on my teacher must haves list…2020 is wild. When I was hybrid & wearing a mask to teach in all day, these were by far my favorite masks.
  13. Coffee Maker: I got this coffee maker for my classroom this year and it was the best decision ever. Compact & cute.
  14. Wheel: The wheel that I have in my room is from IKEA and I cannot find it anywhere online. This is a similar one from Amazon, except I think this one is better because you can use a dry erase marker on it!!! I use this for special guests in my room. Any time a special guest (custodian, principal, guidance counselor, etc.) comes in our classroom, they spin the wheel. If it lands on a certain color then the kids all get a Jolly Rancher. This wheel has endless possibilities.




This year has turned me into even more of a tech guru than I already was. None of these items are necessary to teach remotely, but they sure do help. Anytime I post my virtual classroom or office setup I always get questions. Here are my technology must haves for teachers this school year.

  1. iPad stand: I have this in dark gray at school but gold for home!
  2. Monitor stand: I have this at school for my second monitor. This has been a game changer for virtual teaching.
  3. Laptop case: I am always wanting to switch up my case and these are cheap enough to do that!
  4. Desk mat: Honestly just makes your desk cuter. Mine at school is blue.
  5. Medium ring light: I used this all throughout quarantine. This is also the ring light that is in my classroom when I teach virtually from there. This is the perfect ring light.
  6. Big ring light: This big ring light is what I have in my office.  It is bigger and better but 100% not necessary. I use it for Instagram, recording sessions for conferences, and other videos for my business. I also use this when teaching from home.
  7. Laptop stand: This is probably my favorite tech purchase of 2020.
  8. Laptop sleeve: I don’t have this, but it is on my Christmas list 🙂
  9. Phone stand: This is great and can act like a doc camera for your phone! I also use this to record videos for my students on!
  10. Portable charger: The best thing about this is that it plugs straight into the wall rather than needing yet another cord.
  11. Technology case: Speaking of cords, every time I travel or go back and forth to my classroom my cords are a mess. I just ordered this tech case from Dagne Dover since it is 20% off. I can’t wait to have this!!


  1. Lanyard: My exact lanyard is from Alesia Troian on Instagram. Her lanyards sell out in MINUTES. Here is her Instagram. 
  2. Tie-Dye Lab Coat: My mom gave this to me when I graduated college. It is perfect for any science teacher!!


I hope you enjoyed this post on my teacher favorites! Let me know what your must have items for teachers are below!

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