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Hey, teacher-friends!

My name is Josie Bensko! I am a 6th grade science teacher in central Illinois. Science is my passion and I cannot imagine teaching anything else. Hands-on, minds-on learning is what drives my curriculum and teaching philosophy. My classroom runs on engagement, positivity, and a little bit of chaos. I’m a lover of middle schoolers *insert crazy look here.* I believe in the power of music and it is constantly being played in my classroom. I am known as, “that crazy science teacher,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am the STEM Club sponsor at my school and I also coach softball! I have a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning at my alma-mater, Illinois State University and am an Association of Illinois Middle Schools (AIMS) Board Member.

Besides teaching I also love cooking, working out, traveling, and shopping! I share my daily outfits here as well as on my Instagram! I love to find a good deal and share it with all of you!

I hope to share my crazy classroom with you along with some of my personal life and spread some passion for this wonderful career we have chosen! Welcome to my blog!

Email: maniacsinthemiddle@gmail.com