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Like many of you, I am working from home more than usual these days. My district is currently 100% virtual through at least the middle of October. We are required to teach live 3 days a week and have asynchronous lessons on the other 2 days. I choose to stay home and record lessons, provide feedback to my students, grade, and plan on the asynchronous days. At the beginning of this unusual school year, I was going crazy working inside the house on the days that I didn’t go into school. I knew something had to change!

This is when I found Amazon Home and decided to create spaces outside where I could comfortably work on the days that I was home! I started by creating a vision board of what I wanted our patio to look like! As many of you know, I live with my best friend Kelli (@sandersinsecond) and we rent a house together. We just moved in in June and we had a bunch of random patio pieces, but the pieces weren’t suitable to use as a workspace.  We came up with ideas of what we wanted our space to look like and headed to Amazon.com/home to find pieces that would work for us and also that fit our style! We loved how cute the pieces on Amazon Home were. The main pieces we decided on were a couch set, egg chair, a seating area for our front porch, and accessories – of course!

Back Patio Before:

I always get nervous about the assembly process! I made sure to read the reviews carefully to choose pieces that weren’t too difficult to put together. My mom came one Sunday and we built all of it in a few hours! Everything was so easy to put together. Plus, as a Prime member, I even got free shipping on all items including the heavier ones.

Back Patio After:

Products shown: Couch set, umbrella, umbrella stand, black and white pillow covers, black and white striped pillows, white blanket, black blanket, table tray, Amazon Echo Dot, baskets, outdoor lights, white pot

We love a black and white color scheme so that is what we went for with the patio! The AmazonBasics umbrella is amazing and only $56! It is so easy to put up and down. We also ordered décor such as outdoor pillows, blankets, lanterns, table tray, and of course my Amazon Echo Dot! Whenever I work outside, I bring my Echo Dot with me and ask Alexa to play my music and add things to my to-do list. The star of the back patio has to be this amazing egg chair. I have wanted an egg chair for the last two summers and finally decided to order one!! This is my new favorite spot to work on my computer.

Products shown: Egg chair, outdoor pillows, fake plant, woven basket, table tray, Amazon Echo Dot, lantern

Front Porch: We had some space on our front porch for another area to work outside! We went with this adorable chair set & pillows. I love sitting out here in the mornings with a cup of coffee and my laptop!

Overall, Amazon Home had everything we needed to create an outdoor at home office. The pieces ship fast and are so cute as well! I highly recommend Amazon Home! Check it out – amazon.com/home

Products shown: Table and chair set, black lantern, table lantern, black & white rug


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