STEM with the Makers of Ziploc Brand

Y’all know how much I love STEM projects! At my old school I even started up a STEM Club with some other teachers. I have a passion for STEM and think that we should be promoting it and STEM jobs to our students! Not only does STEM promote science, technology, engineering, and math, but it also promotes collaboration, problem solving, learning from failure, and creative thinking.

Because of these reasons, I am always trying to incorporate STEM projects throughout the year. From the pumpkin stand, to the love bridge, to spaghetti towers, there is always a way to work them in! My biggest struggle with STEM projects is finding ones that are challenging and that my students will love.


Another struggle with STEM projects is finding and gathering materials. Whenever I am planning for a new project, I always think of the materials and items I already have laying around so I don’t have to go out and purchase more. One thing I always have on hand are ZIPLOC® Brand bags! This is just one drawer in my classroom! We have a whole cabinet full of ZIPLOC® Brand bags in our storage closet. Their durability and versatility make them great for science experiments and labs! The possibilities are endless!

Today I am going to share a STEM project that the makers of ZIPLOC® brand created specifically for kids ages 9-12. I’m also going to share how you can instantly unlock this STEM project and more! This STEM project involves a ZIPLOC® brand bag and a few other common items that can be found in your classroom! I love how this project comes with clear directions and pictures to follow along. (We all know that I need BOTH!) Below are the materials needed for this activity.

This project is to create a parachute for a toy animal. What I love about these projects from the makers of ZIPLOC® brand is that they also come with the NGSS standards listed!! A teacher’s dream!! This project is used to teach air resistance and engineering skills for kids ages 9-12 years old. Below is a picture of the finished parachute.

To extend this STEM project even further, you could have the students test the parachute from dropping it at different heights. You could also have the students make multiple parachutes using different sizes of ZIPLOC® brand bags! Comparing the difference in impact when an animal has a parachute vs. not is also extremely valuable! There are so many lessons within this one STEM project!

The makers of ZIPLOC® brand has partnered together with KiwiCo to create DIY STEM projects out of everyday household and classroom items! The makers of ZIPLOC® brand are striving to build creative confidence among kids of all ages! Are you ready to enter for a chance to win a 12 month subscription to a KiwiCo box, and instantly unlock DIY STEM?


How to Enter:

  • BUY: Buy 2 qualifying Ziploc® Brand products in one transaction from now until September 30th
  • VISIT: Visit national.winziplocstem.comand submit a picture of your full receipt.
  • YOU COULD WIN: You could win a 12-month subscription of KiwiCo STEM projects (guaranteed winners every day) plus EVERY receipt unlocks DIY STEM activities featureing Ziploc® Brand products.


* Post sponsored by the makers of ZIPLOC® brand

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